Double Guillotine Enamel Writing Board

Code Name Size Barcode
0276 GİYOTİN YAZI TAHTASI 100X200 86805717712418
0277 GİYOTİN YAZI TAHTASI 100X240 86805717712425
0278 GİYOTİN YAZI TAHTASI 100X270 86805717712432
0279 GİYOTİN YAZI TAHTASI 100X300 86805717712449


It is designed for use in places where a larger writing area is needed. The university lecturers are one of these areas. Guillotines are produced as Single, Double and Combined. In our product called double guillotine, it is an elevator system.

With this system, the above board moves up and down, moving up and down with the following board. This system allows the student to reach the area which is short.

Saves space on the board and saves it frequently without deleting it. Another advantage is that students sitting in the back row cannot see the board. Depending on user preference, the surface of the boards can be made in white or blue.

You can send us the colors you want.