Hanging Cork Board

Code Name Size Barcode
0141 ASKILI MANTAR PANO 30X45 8694642000393
0142 ASKILI MANTAR PANO 45X60 8694642000409
0143 ASKILI MANTAR PANO 60X90 8694642000416


Akyazı Aluminum Framed Mushroom Panels, hanging cork board in our list of aluminum framed cork boards, ideal for long-term use.

Akyazı Aluminum Framed Mushroom Panels are a different product developed specifically for our customers looking for a different frame from wooden and plastic frames.

It is preferred more than wood and plastic framed cork boards both in terms of durability and long term use. Akyazı Aluminum Framed Cork Panels are manufactured from imported natural cork surface.

Akyazı mushroom panels, which are imported from Portugal, which is the motherland of mushroom and which is produced by using mushrooms with no artificial substances, do not pose any threat to your health.

Hygienic, does not contain carcinogenic substances. Akyazı produces healthy products that your children can use safely. In Akyazı cork boards, aluminum profile is painted with electro static paint and it has a decorative appearance.