Icon Cork Board

Code Name Size Barcode
0135 SİMGE MANTAR PANO 30X45 8694642003349
0136 SİMGE MANTAR PANO 45X60 8694642003356
0137 SİMGE MANTAR PANO 60X90 8694642003363


Akyazı Custom Wooden Framed Cork Panels are standard sized products prepared by our customers to a different extent.

Our product group is preferred by our customers who want to see the natural beauty of wood on the wall and want to keep their important notes in this cork board. Akyazı has always kept the pulse of the market and introduced the products to meet the expectations of the market. It still continues to offer.

The indicator of this in 2008 is Icon Cork Board, which is the product of our special campaign, which we published under the brand of Simge. Icon Mushroom Panel, which is produced in order to meet the expectations of our customers, does not pose a threat to your health and ensures you to use it without any problems for years with its quality and reasonable price. Simge Mantar Pano, which has a wooden frame with a special grooved frame, is produced under the guarantee of Akyazı.

There is currently no cork board in the market which may be an alternative to the icon cork board. Icon Cork Panel, which is produced as a result of a work carried out meticulously by Akyazı Design Team, has been presented to the appreciation of our valued customers.