Product Code Product Name Product Size Product Barcode
0092 ASKILI MANYETİK YAZI TAHTASI 45X60 8680571770841


Our products of magnetic boards consist of black, white and green colors , depending on the choice the client makes. Covers of magnetic boards are made from aluminum completely. boards of the small size can be hunged at any place and quite easily. Use chalk on boards of green and black surface, use the marker special for the writeboard boards with white surface. Do not use stylus for cd or non-erasable on writeboards

Çevre dostu yazı tahtası Eco-friendly surface and frame.
Yazı tahtası yüzey garantisi 25 Year surface use guarantee.
Darbeye karşı dayanıklı yazı tahtası Shock and scratch resistant.
Yanmaya karşı dayanıklı yazı tahtası Fire resistant surface.
Güneş ışığına karşı dayanıklı yazı tahtası Durable against sunlight for many years.