Safari Cork Board

Code Name Size Barcode
0138 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 30X45 8694642001154
0139 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 45X60 8694642001161
0140 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 60X90 8694642001178
0400 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 60X120 8680571774375
0401 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 60X180 8680571774382
0402 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 60X200 8680571774399
0403 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 90X120 8680571774405
0404 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 90X180 8680571774412
0405 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 90X200 8680571774429
0406 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 120X120 8680571774436
0407 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 120X180 8680571774443
0408 SAFARİ MANTAR PANO 120X200 8680571774450


Safari Cork Board has been produced for more than five years. Safari mushroom board is our product produced to meet the expectations of our customers.

Safari cork board in the production of various colors and structures in many colors we have used. Our last used cork board frame was a wooden-look plastic frame. The Safari cork board frame that we are using is the pvc coated ebony colored frame on mdf.

Safari Mushroom Panel maintains its superiority compared to other cork boards and meets the needs of your eyes with the frame options developed for it. Everything from the quality of the materials used in the production phase to the workmanship is prepared carefully and everything you expect from a cork board is offered to you. Safari Mushroom Panels are produced in 3 different sizes.