Code Name Size Barcode
0805 WOODEN LEG WRITING BOARD 40X55 86805717712524
0806 WOODEN LEG WRITING BOARD 50×70 86805717712531
0807 WOODEN LEG WRITING BOARD 60X85 86805717712548
0808 WOODEN LEG WRITING BOARD 60X100 86805717712555


Laminate Whiteboards with Wooden Legs have a special design and comfortable usage and bring color to your life.


* The surface of the wooden board can be made of laminate white, green and black.
* A white board (board marker) is used with a marker, and green and black whiteboards are used with a dust-free chalk.
* The wooden footed laminate board has an oven-burned 4.2 cm wooden frame.
* Wooden and wooden boards can be made natural and aged.
* Wooden floor laminate whiteboards are guaranteed for 1 year against fabrication errors.
* In schools, in educational institutions, students can use the whiteboards, offices, meeting halls to follow the workflow, to take important notes in the workplaces, and to be used in restaurants and cafes as a menu board.